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Play With Me by Kristen Proby (With Me #3)

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Will Montgomery is a successful professional football player and seemingly has it all. He’s not used to being told no, and certainly doesn’t take no for an answer. So when he turns his charms on his sister’s sexy rocker-chick friend Meg, he’s not only turned down, but met with open hostility, piquing his curiosity and libido. He’s determined to show her that he’s not the arrogant jock she thinks he is, and to get her into his bed.

Megan McBride is not impressed with Will Montgomery, his fat contract, fancy car, or his arrogant public persona. She doesn’t have time for a relationship, and if she’s learned anything in life, it’s that loving means losing, so she guards her heart ferociously. But she can’t deny the overwhelming attraction to the sexy, tattooed athlete, and when Will starts breaking down her defenses and grabs hold of her heart, will she be able to admit her feelings for him, or will her troubled past cause her to lose the first man she’s ever truly loved?

My rating:

4 stars

My review:

Book 3 in the “With Me” series is about Will Montgomery, brother of Jules from book 2, and Megan McBride, who we briefly met at the end of Book 2.  Will is the quarterback for the Seattle football team, and Megan is a pediatric nurse, and friends from college with Jules and Nat.  When Will meets Meg, she instantly rebuffs him, which intrigues him, and he wants to know why.  It turns out that Meg has been trying, unsuccessfully, to get some of the football players to come to the hospital to visit the kids, and she has been turned down repeatedly.  But as it turns out, Will was not the one turning her down – it was the teams PR rep.

Once Meg realizes this, she begins to realize that Will is not a bad guy.  Meg has some major trust issues, due to her unstable upbringing, and I felt that this was written well and and believably.  Will and Meg’s relationship moves at a nice pace, and I really liked the flow.  I love the Montgomery family, and how the Williams family has become part of their family as well.  These characters all feel very real and like you could know them in real life.

There is always some drama in these books, and this one was no different, and the drama in this book was believable based on the subject.  I really liked this book, and I love this series!

My recommendation:

Read it, but read the series in order!

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