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Book Review – Ryker by Sawyer Bennett (Cold Fury #4)

The stakes have never been higher for Carolina Cold Fury goalie Ryker Evans. With his contract running out, he’s got a year left to prove he’s still at the top of his game. And since his wife left him, Ryker has been balancing life as a pro-hockey star and a single parent to two daughters. Management is waiting for him to screw up. The fans are ready to pounce. Everybody’s taking dirty shots—except for the fiery redhead whose faith in Ryker gives him a fresh start.ryker sawyer bennett

As the league’s only female general manager, Gray Brannon has learned not to mix business with pleasure. And yet even this tough, talented career woman can’t help breaking her own rules as she gives Ryker everything she’s got. She hopes their hot streak will last forever, but with Ryker’s conniving ex plotting to reclaim her man, the pressure’s on Gray to step up and save a tender new love before it’s too late.

4 out of 5 stars

FINALLY!!!  A book worth the money I paid for it!

I love this series, and Ryker was another great addition to it.  Ryker is a newly single dad, having been betrayed by his ex-wife and having her dump their two young children on him.  Ryker is the goalie for the Cold Fury and they have a new GM – a woman named Gray Bannon.

Gray played hockey her whole life and in the Olympics, so being the GM for a hockey team, that her father owns, is a no-brainer.  Gray was a strong character.  She was very smart and motivated.  Ryker was also a very likable guy – a single father of two girls doing the best he can.

The relationship between Gray and Ryker developed gradually and at a pace that seemed believable.  They had to keep their romance a secret because of her role as GM of the team Ryker played on.  They had really good chemistry.

There was an event at the end of the book that was kind of stupid and didn’t really need to happen.  Won’t spoil it, but I found that to be the only part of the book I didn’t like.  I also didn’t like Ryker’s ex-wife.  Self-centered bitch.  But she didn’t play a big role in the book (thank goodness).

I would recommend this series, and this book.  Hot men and hockey are a great combination!

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