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Book Review – It Had to be You by Melissa Kate

Emma Wyatt has had enough of her ex best friend and his lady killer ways. Gone was the sweet boyit-had-to-be-you of her youth and in rides the womaniser. But this time he has ready gone and done it!

Oliver didn’t expect to be coupled with Emma. She was in an awkward situation and he couldn’t help the words that came out. She should be grateful, he saved her.

Now the whole town knows. And Emma is pissed! She’s going to kill him.

But a heated argument leads to a fiery moment of passion and suddenly the two are fighting an unlikely attraction that neither saw coming. But Oliver has a secret that could tear them apart…

3 out of 5 stars

I received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

It Had to Be You is the story of Oliver Kyle, police officer, and Emma Wyatt, bakery owner.  As kids, Emma and Oliver were best friends.  Then one day, Oliver stopped hanging out with Emma, and Emma has a lot of anger and resentment toward Oliver.  Here are the things I liked and disliked in this book.

Things I liked:

  • Oliver.  He was great.  Sweet, caring and funny.
  • The Geriatric crowd.  Hilarious.
  • Adam, Oliver’s best friend.

Things I didn’t like:

  • The number of spelling and grammar mistakes in the book.  There were many.  At one point, Emma refers to Oliver’s mother by the wrong name.  And it’s fixed on the SAME page.
  • Emma.  She was a real bitch.  She got better as the book came toward the end, but in the beginning, she was awful.
  • The fact that Oliver had two first names.  Oliver Kyle.  Emma would call him Kyle quite a bit.  Quite distracting.
  • The number of storylines going on in the book.  There’s the bachelor auction, the serial killer, and many others.
  • Third person story telling.  Would have been much better told in first person.
  • Choppy story telling.  The story was all over the place, and we didn’t have a lot of time to see Oliver and Emma’s relationship grow.
  • How predictable Oliver’s secret was.  Figured that out at 5% in.

I think with some cleaning up, this could be a good story.  Like I said, Oliver is very likable, and he’s the reason I finished the book.  Definitely room for improvement.

Happy reading.


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