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Book Review – Cocky Cowboy by Faalena Hopkins (Cocker Brothers #3)


Can you really find your soulmate when you’re only eight years old…only to lose her two years later and never know what happened ? No way. It can’t be…Yes, it’s her… Getting kissed long and slow cocky-cowboyby that city boy douche-bag is Rachel Sawyer, my best friend and secret love, back when I was just a boy. The only girl who could ever hold my interest past a minute. I want to punch that guy for touching her like that…and I just might. But I’ve got a ranch and live a quiet existence until I saw her. There’s no way I can compete with her flashy New York City life.  I don’t care.  If I don’t steal Rachel away from that dick, I’ll never have another chance.  I won’t lose her. Not to him. Not to New York. Not to anyone. Not again.


As Ryan answers yet another work email, I spy a gorgeous man intently staring at me, emerald green eyes daring me to remember him.  Oh my God it’s him…my first kiss… The one who always got me into trouble is now trouble-incarnate. Jaxson Cocker. All grown up into the rugged and masculine drop-your-panties-at-the-door kind of sexy. But I love Ryan…so why the hell am I walking toward Jaxson like he’s a magnet and I’m metal?   We’re no longer the innocent children we used to be. That chemistry we once had has ripened into something dangerous. I want him to touch me, but I shouldn’t. I want him to kiss me, but I shouldn’t. Just because Ryan said those horrible things…doesn’t mean I have the right to do this. Does it?! Why is it some men have the power to make you do things you never dreamed you’d do? Do you follow your heart or your head?

3 1/2 out of 5 stars

Cocky Cowboy is the third book in the Cocker Brothers series,  and this book is about Jaxson, the brother who owns a ranch north of Atlanta.  As a child, Jaxson was best friends with a girl named Rachel Sawyer, but Rachel moved away when they were ten.  She and her boyfriend, Ryan, from New York, head to Atlanta to visit her parents, who have moved back.  While there, Rachel sees a man staring at her and she recognizes him.  As Jaxson Cocker.

Rachel’s dickhead boyfriend then insults Jaxson, and Jaxson beats the shit out of him and ends up in jail.  Later that night, Rachel thinks her boyfriend is going to propose, but he tells Rachel he wants to go on a break.  She then hooks up with Jaxson.  Literally.  Her boyfriend of 2 1/2 years wants a break and 2 hours later, she’s banging another guy.  She’s really in love with her boyfriend.  NOT.

Guess what happens next – guess.  She ends up pregnant, and she doesn’t know who the father is.  So predictable.

While this book was better than the second, it still wasn’t great.  I think the next book is about Jason, the hopeless romantic, so hopefully that one will be better.  I’m still invested in the series.

Happy reading.

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